Petition Governor Ige To Veto H.B. 1567 "Bail Reform" Bill

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H.B. 1567 passed the Hawaii Legislature and now goes to Governor Ige to sign or veto.

This bill is opposed by Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi, the Department of the Attorney General and the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney. Also, it is opposed by citizens who are sick of crime and soft treatment of repeat offending criminals, which this bill will encourage.

Michael Kitchens of Stolen Stuff Hawaii and NewsRadio 830 KHVH encourage you to sign the petition to persuade Governor Ige to veto this legislation. H.B. 1567 -- so-called "bail reform" would release offenders on their own recognizance, thereby allowing them to further victimize our neighborhoods and workplaces within hours of their arrest.

These misdemeanors and class C felonies may include (in addition to others not listed):

  • Burglary in the Second Degree (708-811)
  • Theft in the third degree (708-832) ($250 to $750 in value)
  • Theft in the second degree (708-831) ($750 to $20,000 in value)
  • Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle (708-836)
  • Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle 2nd (ACT 006 [21])
  • Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle in the First Degree (708-836.5)
  • Aggravated Harassment by Stalking (711-1106.4 and 711-1106.5)
  • Arson in the Third and Fourth Degree (708-8253 and 708-8254)
  • Violation of Privacy in the First and Second Degree (711-1110.9 and 711-1111)
  • Promoting Gambling in the First and Second Degree (712-1221 and 712-1222)
  • Promoting pornography (712-1214)
  • Habitual solicitation of prostitution12-1209.5)
  • Negligent Injury in the First and Second Degree (707-705 and 707-706)
  • Unlawful Imprisonment in the Second Degree (707-722)
  • Unauthorized Possession of Confidential Personal Information (708-839.8)
  • Identity Theft (708-839.7)
  • Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card (708-8100)

The link to the petition at

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