Four-Letter Word Stumps Wheel Players In Puzzle Pat Sajak Calls 'Terrible'

Photo: Getty Images

On the Halloween episode of Wheel Of Fortune, there was a puzzle themed for the holiday, but instead of any player getting treats because of it, they were all tricked by one four-letter word in it. The contestants were chipping away at the puzzle, which was under the category "Magical Words." The board showed "WISH, _IN_, HOC_S POC_S." Viewers could tell that the word "WISH" was clear to the players, and most knew "HOCUS POCUS" was up there too, but the other part, "_IN_," seemed to stump them.

A player named Miles, who sees a horror movie marathon every year, got the "W" in "WISH," but promptly went bankrupt. Mom-of-three Brandian then incorrectly guessed "G," followed by mom-of-two Jamie, who went with "R," which also wasn't in the puzzle. Miles got control again and knew to pick "J," then solved the puzzle, figuring out that the challenging word was "JINX."

As the round ended, host Pat Sajak stated, "What a terrible Halloween prank to play on these nice people."

Viewers were perturbed by the puzzle as well, with one tweeting, "Jinx is NOT a magical word."

In the end, it was Jamie who won the game. While she didn't solve the bonus puzzle, she still took home $21,000 in cash and prizes.

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