Matty Healy Thinks 'Adele Could Sing' The 1975's New Ballad

Photo: Samuel Bradley

The 1975 are slowing things down a little on the latest offering off Being Funny In A Foreign Language. "All I Need To Hear" is a soulful ballad that singer Matty Healy thinks could be sung by a wide range of artists, from Joe Cocker to Adele.

“A lot of my songs require me to perform them, but I think that I’d love to hear Joe Cocker [sing this] – not that we could have that, but it feels like one of those songs where it’s like I’ve stepped out of the Matty-ness of everything,” he explained in an interview about the new single. “And it’s something that Adele could sing, it would make total sense, and she wouldn’t have to talk about jacking off or what [The 1975’s] usual subject matter is.”

Like fans speculated, Healy actually debuted "All I Need To Hear" during a set with Phoebe Bridgers. At the time, it was untitled.

The track is the fourth offering off the new project following "I'm In Love With You," "Happiness," and lead single "Part Of The Band."

Being Funny In A Foreign Language is set to come out on October 14. Listen to "All I Need To Hear" below.

Healy recently revealed that The 1975 turned down a bunch of money to tour with Ed Sheeran, opting to do their own thing instead of opening for a bigger act. As a result, they're heading out on a headlining North American tour next month.

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