Book a free stay at the dumpster for your ex on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you're celebrating it single this year because an ex did you dirty, you can be dirty right back!
You can have your ex spend a night at a dumpster for free* for Valentine's Day!

Advice, Dating, Dating Advice, Relationship, Relationships, Breakup, Internet Dating, Dumped,  Boyfriend, Bad Boyfriend, Bad Date, Jerk, Cheating Boyfriend, Bad Guy, Truth Hurts will give you the satisfaction of sending your ex to the dumps - figuratively.

You have a chance to tell them how you got dumped, or what your ex did to you, and get your sweet, sweet revenge.
They will send you a fictional, yet completely satisfying "confirmation email" of your reservation at a dumpster that you can then forward to your ex.

If your dump story wins, you can be one of 15 lucky winners to win a $300 gift code so you can stay wherever you want - either by yourself, or with your new boo!

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