EVERGLOW (에버글로우) "DUN DUN" Music Video

Girl group EVERGLOW heralded an intense music video at a different level.

Everglow (Why You're Mia Comes Asha Gee) uploaded the first mini album 'Reminiscence' title song 'DUN DUN' music video teaser video through the official SNS and YouTube account on the afternoon of 29th. .

Dungeon's addictive melody and beeping sounding teaser video starts with six members of Everglow walking through the fog.

Subsequently, the scenes of members showing unique charisma with each differentiated girl crush concept were sequentially released. Everglow's mysterious and unconventional charm, as if they exist on different levels, amplified the curiosity of fans towards albums and music videos.

EverGlow's mini album 'Remini Sons' is a new album and the first official mini album released in about 6 months after the second single album 'HUSH' released in August last year.In recent years, the company has released a concept photo for groups and individuals, foretelling a comeback with a stronger and more attractive look.

The title song 'Dungeon' is composed of lyrics written by numerous hit songs such as exo 'growl' and red velvet 'dumb', Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, 72 are working together to raise expectations.

EverGlow's first mini album 'Remini-Sense' will be released on February 3 at 6 pm through various online music sites.

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